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Stylish Cup Mobile Charger | TwineGadget
Stylish Wireless Car charger in shape of Cup

Stylish Wireless Car charger in shape of Cup

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Enjoy Wireless Charging 
  1. Fast wireless charger Charging Your Phone Quickly : Once you put your phone on the Wireless charger, It will charge your phone quickly. If your phone doesn't support fast wireless charging, the wireless cup will charge it in 5W normal charging mode.
  2. Wireless Cup Safe for Driving : While Driving, just put your phone in this wireless car charger cup, it will automatically starts charging up your phone. While getting calls, just pick up your phone from wireless charging cup. It is made up from non-slip silicone which keeps your phone away from slipping while charging. 
  3. Wireless Charging Cup Warranty: When purchased the Wireless charging cup comes with 2 years of Warranty. 
Stylish car cup charger
Compatible with :
  • Samsung
  • Iphone
  • Nokia 
  • Huawei

Deduction of Modern Aesthetics: Fully Display the design style of life aesthetics and your love of aircraft, but also more able to integrate with the car space environment. 

Stylish cup phone charger

Compatible with most of cars: Designers design water cup holes according to the reserved position of the car compatible with most cars with water cup holes. At the same time, the deepening base is designed. If your car is multi-cup orifice (Smaller size), use it with base.

stylish cup phone charger


stylish cup phone charger


Package Includes:

  • Packaging color box -1
  • Base( Accessories ) -1
  • Product Instructions -1
  • Vehicle wireless charger -1 
  • Vehicle power line charger -1

Stylish Cup phone charger

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